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meet the founder
Windiyati Nugroho, S.Pd,
Dipl. Cidesco, Dipl. Cibtac, MIFA

Born in the city of Solo on August 27, 1946, Windy nicknames, since 13 years old have known the world of beauty by helping his mother "RATNA DEWI WAHYUDI" in the salon and beauty school known as "PACIFIC SALON" in Malang, also in Solo and Semarang.

Windy completed her undergraduate education at the State University of Jakarta (UNJ). She also has National Certification as a Learning Sources, Basic Skin Therapy, Basic & Skilled Beauty Examiners and National Auditor of Basic, Skilled & Proficient TKK. Currently she also holds the position of vice chairman of the National Beauty Consortium of the Ministry of National Education and aesthetic assessor at LSP Cohespa as well as the master assessor at BNSP (National Agency for Professional Certification).

For more than 50 years, Windy has several requirements of the International Diploma: CIDESCO Diploma (Committee International D'Esthetique Et De Cosmetologie) in 1988, CIBTAC (Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology) 2006 Diploma, Aromatherapy Diploma CIBTAC 2007 , CIBTAC Diploma Thermal Auricular Therapy (Ear Candle) in 2006 and CIBTAC Facility Diploma (Microdermabrasion) Diploma in 2013.

Currently Windy is the CEO of Pacific Beauty Industry Group (PBIG), a company engaged in various esthetics & Spa including: Esthetic Clinic & Wellness Spa, Esthetic Education; Spa & Aromatherapy, Trading Company in Esthetic, Spa Consultant at home and abroad.

Consistency in the world of aesthetic education brings the Institute of Education PIBI (Pacific International Beauty Institute) which has a license under the Department of National Education is in addition to national standard has also reached the international level with CIDESCO has been accredited since 1997; CIBTAC since 2003; ITEC in 2007.

Her achievements are proven by winning a National and International Award with her program of "Windy Slimming Program" earning a Quality Commitment Award from JBAN Spain and "Health & Beauty Award - The Overseas Special Achievement Award" in London for his work titled; "The Art of Body Sculpturing". PIBI also won awards for the National Level Achievement Course and Training Tk. FIRST for the beauty, health and SPA families of the Ministry of National Education in Jakarta in 2008 and 2016. Windy herself has also received an award from the National Agency for Professional Certification (BNSP) Competency Award 2008 which is the highest award in people who successfully mobilize, build, improve, and maintain the competence of Indonesian human resources, according to his life philosophy of "truth and sincerity".

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