For non-formal education level - PIBI has an Exam Standard for its students in accordance with the Program that students follow during the learning process. Divided into Local Exams, Competency Test and International Exams.

local exam



Is the activity of measuring the achievement of competence for the students in order to know the students' ability during receiving the education material both theory and practice. In addition, school exams can be used for the recognition of achievements that have been achieved after the education during the time already determined. The school exam is also a requirement for graduation of each student.




competency test



An assessment process to collect evidence and make a decision on whether a competency has been achieved by a competency assessor. Good in the field of beauty skin, hair, Spa, etc.




international exam



The International Exam conducted at PIBI is a prestigious exam in the field of Beauty / Spa, especially for students who have attended the International Cidesco - Switzerland / Cibtac - London / ITEC - UK Diploma Program in areas that have been followed by international standards.







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