Aesthetic Clinic

code SPA 54
total duration 15 Hours
prerequisites Beginner

This class is designed for INVESTORS Beauty Clinics, OWNERS, MANAGERS, CONSULTANTS & OPERATORS Beauty Clinics are involved in maintaining the sustainability of the clinic (sustainability). This 2-day training is an integration module for a person in the management of a beauty clinic to independently develop effective SOPs, ensure SOP applications and conduct internal audits of teams within their beauty clinics using the ISO 19011: 2011 standard.

Understanding the latest rules, laws and regulations in the beauty clinic business. Knowledge of environmental management systems & how to avoid possible cross infection opportunities in a beauty clinic.



Preparation of the Company's basic quality guidelines, SWOT, Growth Matrix, Strategy Analysis

Develop an effective Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)

Internal audit of ISO module program

The new audit principles to sustain the company (sustainability)

Legislation, law, classification and legal business

Management System in K3, Health, Hygiene, Sanitation, Sterilization

Develop and innovate care



Can independently conduct internal audit with ISO 19011 method to ensure continuity of a beauty clinic (sustainability)

Can create effective and applicative Standard Operational Procedures

Can prepare a beauty clinic on legal compliance and business certification audit

Can avoid the potential risk of K3 Health Hygiene

Have a creative idea of development of beauty clinic menu



1. Beauty Clinic Management & ISO 19011

2. Certificate of Understanding of ISO 19011

3. Certificate of Salon/Clinical Competency Manager

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