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PIBI was very supportive and formed me as an expert in the field of beauty and Spa during my education at PIBI. The program at PIBI has been in line with the curriculum and has become the standard for beauticians.
- Yunita Herlambang Dipl.Cidesco, Cibtac, Salon Spa Lotus - Semarang -
Thanks to PIBI “ Form nothing to something...From Zero to Hero”
- Imelda Dipl.Cibtac, Victoria Beauty Treatment - Berau, Kalimantan Timur -
Praise God I found PIBI as a place to study and grow without His blessing its impossible, because before that i had no idea of what to do after retiring. PIBI had been incredible for me, Im not only studying to understand and be the best at my field but i learn how to build a beauty based business from proffesionals to make it succeed.
- Dr. Endang Kartini Dipl.Cibtac, Benayo Salon & Spa - Solo -
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